Food & Beer

Cheese and meats served in two ounce portions and a rotating selection of craft beer

Cheese - $4

  • Huntsman

    Tangy English Double Gloucester surrounding smooth and creamy Stilton Blue Cheese

  • Délice de Bourgogne

    Deliciously rich soft cheese with and a smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture

  • Havarti

    Semisoft Danish cow's milk cheese; smooth and buttery

  • Manchego

    National Cheese of Spain exhibiting a nutty richness and crumbly texture ending with a sweet, lingering taste

  • Cambozola Blue Cheese

    Savory, nutty flavor with undertones of sweetness enhance the wonderful characteristics of the cheese

Meat - $5

  • Volpi Chorizo

    Smoked and spicy Spanish classic; dry cured Chorizo with a variety of chilies

  • Salume Beddu Veneto

    A fine-grained and leaner Salami laced with the classic spices of Venice, as well as the Venetian Spice Trade


  • B Nektar Zombie Killer

  • B Nektar Tuco-Style Freakout

  • B Nektar Nechro Mango Con

  • Galena Honey Mead



  • Michelob Golden Light

  • New Belgium Abbey

  • Old Bakery Porter

  • Sam Adams

  • Carlsberg

  • Founders All-Day IPA

  • Bell's Two Hearted IPA

  • Vander Mill Totally Roasted Hard Cider

  • Destihl Amra Mango IPA

  • Mönchshof Kellerbier


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